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26th April - 15th May 2021

“As many of you may be aware, the UK charity sector is estimated to have lost £6 billion in fundraising last year.
To say we’re in a tough place financially is, well, a gross understatement. We are in dire need of funds.
Luckily, I have some excellent news…”

The Nyoni Youth and Community Project is offered a large donation from the Anders Corporation that promises to save the struggling charity. The source of the money is, however, an ethically questionable one and, as the details of the Anders Corporation’s dirty and damaging deeds come to light, the Nyoni Board – and the audience – are faced with an agonising decision: do we accept the money or do we reject it?

Secrets will be spilled, hidden and traded, loyalties and rivalries will be formed and broken as the charity’s board wrestles through the muck of this ethical dilemma and discussions soon spiral from professional to personal.

The audience plays the role of members of the charity: you will choose which breakout rooms to go into at different points in the play – and therefore what secret agendas and stories you overhear; in the end, you will vote on whether to accept the money with several possible endings depending on the result.

Commissioned from an idea by represent., Money is a unique interactive production that puts you right in the heart of the ethical dilemma.

Will you accept the Money?

Money will take place over Zoom and ticket holders will be emailed a link to watch on the day of the show.

represent. is supported by Texel Foundation with an accessibility grant from the Cameron Mackintosh Foundation

Creative Team

Director                 Digital Production
Guy Woolf             Theatrical Solutions


Aaron Douglas
Mel Giedroyc
Sarel Madziya
Nemide May
Loussin-Torah Pilikian
Adam Rachid Lazaar



Sea Girl is a multi-sensory theatrical experience for children aged 7 to 11, inspired by young women single-handedly sailing around the world. Join Naomi and Ellen as they imagine a whirlwind adventure; battling treacherous storms, meeting weird and wonderful creatures and visiting far-off lands.


The experience is interactive and multi-sensory, anchored by the story of our central two characters. There are different versions of the show: for neuro-typical children and children with special educational needs and disabilities; for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties; and children on the autistic spectrum. Played in the round, the show is self-sustainable and easy to tour to a variety of different spaces.


Touring from Spring 2020, please do get in touch if you'd like to host the show or would like to see the show near you!


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