Isla presents a talk called 'Pornography: An Open Conversation' to secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges across the UK. The talk can be tailored for different age groups from age 13+ and involves interaction and discussion on the topic of pornography. This talk has been presented to thousands of students nationwide.

She also delivers a talk tailored for parents of children of all ages called 'Those Awkward Conversations' which addresses how to protect and educate your children about the harmful effects of pornography. She has delivered this talk in schools and community centres across the UK.

Her newest presentation, 'Things You Need to Know About Sex', has been developed from her experience speaking to and working with thousands of students and is an alternative sex education talk focusing on consent and answering questions young people have that they might feel uncomfortable asking a teacher or parent. The talk focuses on consent, communication & connection.

For more information and bookings for either of these talks please contact or visit The Mclellan Practice website.

Photo: Harry Elletson
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