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Isla presents a talk called 'Pornography: An Open Conversation' to secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges across the UK. The talk can be tailored for different age groups from age 13+ and involves interaction and discussion on the topic of pornography. This talk has been presented to thousands of students nationwide and focuses on encouraging students to think critically about pornography, issues surrounding it and the differences between porn's portrayal of sex and relationships, and reality. 

She also delivers a talk tailored for parents of children of all ages called 'Those Awkward Conversations' which addresses how to have vital conversations with children and young people about pornography, sex and consent. She has delivered this talk in schools and community centres across the UK.

Her newest presentation, 'CONSENT +', has been developed from her experience speaking to and working with thousands of students and focuses on information and open discussion around the topic of consent. This presentation equips students with practical and detailed understanding of consent by providing them with key information about what consent is and how to communicate about it and then applying this information, through discussion, to scenarios students may encounter in real life. 

For more information and bookings for either of these talks please contact or for more information visit The Mclellan Practice website.

Photo: Harry Elletson


Isla delivers writing workshops and talks in schools, youth groups, universities and drama schools. These can be tailored to the specific aims of the group members and can focus on a number of specific areas including how to generate ideas, writing for stage, creating and performing your own work (one-person shows/monologues), as well as arts career advice.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Isla’s fast-paced, energetic and engaging workshop. It was really interesting to hear about her experience as a playwright and I liked how passionately she talked about writing and theatre. 

Please tell her thank you from me."

- Student at HULT University, London

"Isla's confident and engaging presence is backed up by her excellent advice and knowledge. She answered student's questions at length, carefully aimed at the relevant age group, and her ability to link her development as a writer to the work they have been doing in their Drama lessons has been invaluable,"​

- Head of Drama, Rishworth School, West Yorkshire

"With one of Isla's workshops you feel ready to write for the stage regardless of your experience and background, and knowing full well that you have something important to share."

- Creative Director, represent theatre co.

"Isla's workshop create an open minded, encouraging platform that helps you to write regardless of previous experience. Each activity was playful and light but helped build a better sense of the structures and tools to use when writing, providing a way to unlock how you personally write."

- Actor/writer, represent theatre co.

For more information and bookings for these workshops please contact

Photo: Harry Elletson
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